Current College/University STUDENTS

HSHS Nursing Student Orientation - This video has been recorded for the use of nursing students who will be doing clinical time (either instructor-led and/or precepted) in any of the HSHS Eastern WI hospitals (St. Vincent, St. Mary's, St. Clare, and St. Nicholas). Students are seen as an important part of their healthcare team and need to have a good understanding of their values and what it means to be a nurse at their facilities.

The following Orientation Modules must be completed annually by faculty and students prior to working at a clinical site. After you have completed all of the following modules, the school will retain your signed and dated "Confidentiality Agreement and Acknowledgement of Orientation Learning Modules" form. Please give the signed and dated form to your school coordinator or faculty member, NOT the healthcare facility.

  1. Infection Control - Bloodborne Pathogens-Isolation Precautions-Pharmaceutical Waste Updated 6/14/2018
  2. HIPAA Confidentiality and Compliance Orientation Updated  6/14/2018
  3. Patient and Caregiver Safety Updated 6/14/2018
  4. Professional Expectations in the Workplace Updated 6/14/2018
  5. Clinical Skill Awareness and Validation Updated 6/14/2018

All students are required to meet the GGBHA student immunization and health requirements (see below).  Students entering a clinical site must also complete the confidentiality agreement (see below) that includes the acknowledgement of completing and understanding the learning modules listed above.

At the completion of a clinical experience, students are to complete the 'Student Evaluation of the Clinical Site OR Precepted Clinical' for and return it to their college or university instructor. Faculty should submit the completed 'Student Evaluation of the Clinical Site OR Precepted Clinical' forms to the healthcare facility's clinical site coordinator no later than two weeks after completion of the clinical.

Confidentiality Agreement and Acknowledgement of Orientation Modules - Reviewed & Updated 4/14/2017
Student Evaluation of the Clinical Site OR Precepted Clinical - Updated 8/29/2017

Student Immunization & Health Requirements - Reviewed 4/14/2017

Final reminder for students:
  • Always wear your student name badge that identifies you.
  • Some facilities may assign a name badge to you. Please return it at the end of your clinical, or you may be charged a replacement fee and/or your school records held.
  • Adhere to dress codes.
  • Keep patients at the center of your experience and practice safely.
  • Ask questions if you are not familiar with something.
  • Seek out experiences as they become available and have a great learning experience!